Radio Syndication

Prairie House Productions has been providing quality, award-winning programs to radio stations across America for almost 25 years. Whether you are looking for quality programming for your radio station or you'd like to expand the reach of your radio program, Contact us.  

One of our most successful programs is the Under the Hood Show with the Motor Medics. Under the Hood has run on local radio for 23 years and is set to celebrate ten years of syndication. Currently on over 120 radio stations with listeners in over 28 states and markets including Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, Tacoma, Fargo and Sioux Falls, the Under the Hood program has been described by many as a car show with hosts as witty as Click and Clack, with better information.

Listen to a sample: 

We are confident that The Under the Hood Show with the Motor Medics will be a hit and money maker for your station.

AP News Story: Car Talk Show Aims to Expand Reach After 22 Years

For past shows in their entirety, go to the Under the Hood show official website:

A Prairie Christmas is a radio program that airs during the Christmas holiday season. Host Jeff Gould tells inspirational stories and reflects on memories of Christmas past. A Prairie Christmas can be heard on 20 radio stations across the upper Midwest and Texas during the Christmas season. 

A Prairie Christmas Sample

Here is a typical hour (49:00) from 2016 in four segments:

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:

Segment 4:


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