Audio Production

Prairie House Productions is a full service production studio. Whether it's editing commercials out of a radio interview, producing and editing long form programs for radio or web broadcast, music, or anything else you might need, we have the tools and people to make it happen. Check out some of our examples below. 


Nordstrom’s Auto Recyclers has a fundraiser for MDA called the Resurrected Radical Ride. Nordstrom's Auto Recyclers MDA Promo:

:30 Sample


This next project was for a concert tour sponsored by Food for the Hungry. They provided the music and script, I edited the music and voiced the project. 

:60 Sample

:30 Sample

Sometimes clients want us to create something from scratch. 


A college athletic conference of seven affiliated schools from the Midwest. A weekly sports update. 

Audio “magic” often happens as in the next example. The song intro was 9 seconds too short. We were able to take a 3 second riff and loop it so the “post” came at the right time so the talking and the singing came together. The original was taken from a 4:30 video clip and they needed a 60 second spot for radio. 

Sometimes we need to help edit a radio interview and post it so others can link it to their site. In this example, Linda J. Johnson has written a book “Living in the Shadow of the Iraq Conflict.”  

Many Americans only know military contractors from the little they have read in the media, which hasn’t always portrayed a pleasant picture. 

Now Linda J. Johnson is bringing to light the real story behind the men and women sacrificing for their country in the capacity.

Faced with a job shortage in Hawaii, Linda’s husband responded to a recruitment ad for a military contractor that changed their lives forever. Since 2005, Linda has been left while Rich works daily as a QAQC coordinator and mechanic in the Green Zone of Baghdad. Through drastic ups and downs, Linda and Rich persevere with faith and pride in this work and the U.S., constantly battling the negative attitude toward military contractors and the war.

Learn what their lives are like when Living in the Shadow of the Iraq Conflict.


In the promotion of the book Linda has given many interviews. She needed to have commercials and other breaks edited out. Click the link below to listen to the results. 


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