Music / Message on Hold

If you have a phone system for your business that has an input jack for audio, you can have music/message on hold. 

If you own a business you know that time is money. Imagine 10 seconds of silence. No sound at all. In radio it's called Dead Air and causes radio personnel's hearts to seize up. If you call a business and get put on hold with no music, only silence - you understand how lonely it can be. Like trying to see in a cave when they turn out the lights. It just ain't right!!! With no music on hold, 10 seconds can seem like a very long time. 

I called a friends shop one day and was put on hold for almost a full minute. It felt like I had been in the desert without any water. Had there been music it would have made it seem much shorter, and if there had been short messages over the music I would have been listening very closely. He could have told me about a service I didn't know he offered and perhaps would have spent more money with him than I already have. That's where the Time is Money equation comes in. 

According to AT&T statistics, 70% of business callers are put on hold. 60% hang up and 30% do not call back. Callers with music message on hold stay on the line longer with 15-35% of callers purchasing additional items or services as a result of something they heard on hold. 

Listen to this example we did for a local church. 

Faith Temple Church

Sioux Falls, SD 

3:00 Audio Sample

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