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Prairie House Productions is a recording studio on the plains of South Dakota. We specialize in audio production of radio commercials as well as music/message on hold and radio program syndication.

One of our most successful syndicated programs is the Under the Hood Show with the Motor Medics. Under the Hood has run on local radio for 22 years and is set to celebrate ten years of syndication. Currently on over 120 radio stations, the show has listeners in 36 states and markets including Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, Tacoma, Fargo and Sioux Falls.

Another great radio program that we help distribute is A Prairie Christmas, featuring songs and heartwarming stories of the season. 24 hours of programming that 20 stations carry every year.

sports and praise links

Download sports audio for broadcast at PrairieHouseSports.com. You will find audio from sports related press conferences, coaches' comments before and after games, player comments and more from all levels of competition, high school through the pros.


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Welcome to the new and improved PrairieHouseProductions.com. The site may look different, but you'll still find everything you need where it has always been. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

The current and most successful syndicated program we produce is Under the Hood with the Motor Medics. This has run on local radio for over 22 years and is set to celebrate 9 years of syndication on over 90 radio stations in 28 states.

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